You need to take the time to create characters with enough depth for your team to

To value your personas, you need to take the time to build them with enough depth and insight to allow your team to generate ideas and topics that resonate. Not only should your personality include functional information related to their work, but they should also include details related to their personal content preferences – such as the topics they have shown interest in, their content platforms, formats and favorite social channels, etc. For instance:
You need to take the time to create characters with enough depth for your team to generate topics that resonate. @joderama Click to Tweet
How does she typically access content?

Are there any particular formats she gravitates towards?

Does she prefer to access content online, through a mobile device, or through other channels/platforms?
Does she get most of her  information during work hours or at home?
How much information would she like to receive and how often?
The often is she exposed to relevant content/information during her typical day?
How often does she log on to social media? Which?
Has she shown a preference for weekly or daily newsletters or updates?
Who/what influences their content consumption?
What advice does she trust or seek out the most when engaging with content (e.g. industry analysts, vendors, thought leaders, friends, colleagues)?
Are there any internal or external events that could trigger shifts in its content consumption pattern?
The answers to questions like these can help you identify potential content ideas that are most Spain Phone Number likely to grab her attention or bring her closer to a purchase.

Step Map your ideas to your strategic goals.

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Once you’ve gathered all the information to create. Also, your persona, Ardath suggests putting it together in an engagement storyline, which will help your content team develop content ideas and assets that match your character’s needs.

To construct an example scenario, like the  one she shares. Also, below, Ardath says to think of the blue boxes as questions, hesitations, doubts, or concerns your character might have. White statements are answers that your content would provide.

Character Model Model
Remember, documenting your personality and sharing it with. Also, everyone on your team is key so they understand who they’re trying to engage with. Also, to help you keep your ideal audience member in mind at all times, consider printing the character out and placing it somewhere visible or  uploading it to the company’s intranet or communications center. your business so that anyone who needs it can easily access it.


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