Get real-time data in Google Analytics

Get real-time data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides an opportunity to obtain data about current website visitors. So, for example, it is possible to find out how many users are currently on the website and which sections are visited. It is also possible to find out whether the website visitor is using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Next to it, data on the city and country from which the website is visited are indicated.

The function will be especially useful when a new campaign has just been launched or new information has been placed on the website. Google Analytics will show whether users interact with the information.

2. Know your audience


Knowing your audience is an Belarus Phone Number everyday life . Google Analytics also provides a variety of demographic data, such as the gender and age of website visitors. Information about geographic characteristics and the language in.

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which the user communicates is also available

In addition, Google Analytics will provide information about new users and those who have already visited the website several times. It should be noted that one user can use both a computer and a smartphone.

The obtained data will help to purposefully segment the necessary audience not only for the development of the website, but also for various social media campaigns.


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