What is the underlying logic of short video entrepreneurship? 4 dimensions to help you create explosive content!

A lot of people think the reason for the failure is because my equipment is not good enough, I spend less money, or my network is not good enough.

In short, people who fail have their own reasons!

In fact, the most fundamental reason for the failure is that they did not understand the underlying logic of short video entrepreneurship.

1. What is the underlying logic of short video entrepreneurship

Short videos are decentralized media.

What is Decentralized Media?

Decentralized media is relative to centralized media.

In the past, the media was centralized, and the voice was concentrated in the hands of a few people.

For example: Your dog gave birth to 20 puppies at a time. If you think it is news, you will contact the local media and say that I have an excellent piece of news, so hurry up and shoot it? But it’s not up to you to decide whether the media will come or not, it’s up to the person in charge of the media to decide. He will determine whether your news is valuable or not based on his own values ​​and preferences.

In centralized media, a small number of people have the final say on the quality of the program and the quality of the content.

This point is also the biggest conflict between the Afghanistan Phone Number audience and the media. The media does not broadcast news or content that the audience thinks is valuable. And the audience does not like to watch what the media broadcasts. This is also the essential reason why the media can’t make good programs now, and I will discuss them in detail in the future.

These are all imprints of thinking left in the era of centralization, which are wrong!

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The equipment group thinks that the content shot by top-level equipment is naturally good. If I have the money to buy good equipment. If I am better than you, I can overwhelm those diaosi who can’t afford good equipment. This is actually a misattribution brought about by experience. Good equipment can only guarantee that the picture you shoot is good, not that the content is good.

The capital operation school believes that I use the power of capital to hire people to cast a net on a large scale. The more people, the more power, and the more people I have, the higher the probability of my success. But short videos are not the production line of a factory. No matter how many people there are, your content will not be recommended to the homepage by the algorithm. And low-quality content will only be permanently sealed in the short video database.


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