What Are Top-level Domains (Tlds) and What Types Are There?

Have you ever noticed that some website domain names end with while others have These website suffixes are also called top-level domains (tlds). Tlds are more than just random suffixes, though. They serve a couple of notable functions for your website, including playing a hand in your search engine optimization (seo). It’s important to understand what tlds are and to pick one that works for you. So, what is a tld, and how should you choose one? Keep reading for a full tld explanation. We’ll cover: what are top-level domains (tlds)?

Types of Top-Level Domains Choosing

Top-level domains how to obtain a tld then, to learn more about digital marketing, just subscribe to revenue weekly, our email newsletter! For digital marketing advice on the regular, subscribe to the email that more than 190,000 other marketers trust: revenue weekly . Sign up today what are Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number top-level domains (tlds)? To start, what is a tld? Top-level domains are the second part of any domain name — the part that comes after the dot. They usually consist of two or three letters, though some have more. The original purpose of tlds was to help categorize domain names.

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Exclusively Reserved for Commercial Websites

while .gov was reserved for government websites. Some of those distinctions still exist, though others have faded over time. Types of top-level domains there are a few different types of tlds. Icann — the organization in charge of regulating domains — officially recognizes three types. We’ll cover those three types below. Keep reading for a breakdown of each type of tld! Generic tlds (gtlds) generic tlds (gtlds) cover the vast majority of tlds, as well as the most common ones. Most of these tlds are available to anyone. They initially, icann only offered a handful of options in this category.


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