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The global Bodyright initiative , powered by TBWA New Zealand . Continues its fight against unethical retouching linked to advertising with ‘ March Unfiltered ‘. This campaign encourages brands, influencers and users of all kinds to flood their social media feeds with only authentic images without filters or retouching.

This project responds to the fact that UAE Mobile Number the increasingly widespread use of filters aggravates mental health problems and affects self-esteem. Browsing social platforms makes users compare themselves to unrealistic bodies and images. In fact, some go so far as to undergo cosmetic procedures in an attempt to look like their online versions.

In this climate, it is more important

than ever to bring people back to reality . That’s why Bodyright was born, taking a step forward to encourage advertisers and other stakeholders to take a different stance.

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The action revolves around a symbol that mimics that of copyright and. Will serve to indicate that the content is authentic and that it has not been retouched. In this way, in the audiovisual pieces we can see images of realistic bodies and faces, which have scars, stretch marks, acne and body hair.

To set an example, Bodyright will drive a wave of unretouched photography across brand, media and social media channels. Various brands have already voiced their support, including Trilogy Skincare, 2degrees, and The Warehouse.

Bodyright seeks to return naturalness to social networks

“People are creating images, even of themselves, that portray something that is not real or attainable. That’s not real life and we shouldn’t expect people to look in the mirror and be disappointed when they don’t see perfection ,” he continues.


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