Hair Transplantation Belarus Phone Number

Hair transplantation, a crust begins to Belarus Phone Number form both on the donor. The place where the roots are collected) and on the place where the transplant is performed. A quick crust can disrupt the root direction that has been planted with Belarus Phone Number great care. For this reason, it is very important to constantly keep the hair roots moist with special. Aerosol solutions that your doctor will give you. Apply the spray solutions recommended by.The doctor to the scalp with gentle movements for 15 days after the hair transplant. Newly Belarus Phone Number planted and existing hair follicles are strengthened with moisturizing and nourishing spray solutions.

A Crust Begins To Form Belarus Phone Number

Newly planted roots have a stronger Belarus Phone Number hold on the scalp. Thus, the possibility of spillage is greatly reduced. Thanks to these nourishing spray. Solutions containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids, both existing and newly planted . Belarus Phone Number hair will grow back faster and thicker. 2- Do not use a dryer; Excessive heat or cold will not only have a negative effect on the skin, but will also not be good for the scalp and the newly planted roots. After a hair transplant, be careful not to expose the transplanted area to direct sunlight, be in extremely hot or cold environments, or shower with very cold or hot water. For the Belarus Phone Number first 15 days after sowing, in terms of hygiene and temperature, you should refrain from Turkish baths, saunas, swimming pools and the sea.

Belarus Phone Number

Both On The Donor Belarus Phone Number

Hair dryers and hair straighteners Belarus Phone Number should be removed from your life for about two months. 15 days after hair transplant, work that requires performance and Sports Sex and intercourse should also be avoided. What to Belarus Phone Number consider after a hair transplant? 3- Follow the doctor’s instructions; In order for your hair to grow successfully after a transplant, your doctor recommends nourishing your roots. Serum pills and blood flow boosting treatments should be used regularly for one year to increase Belarus Phone Number blood flow. mandatory. We want you to think of it as planting seeds in two different soils side by side.


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