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The possibility of creating integrations with several other useful tools. Which allow you to improve the audience’s experience. Chatbots . For example. Are an option for integration with the instagram api. To automate conversations and improve service via the app. Giving greater vent to the flow of messaging. There are also tools like linktree. Which works as an extension of the platform. Offering more link options to take the audience to pages related to your business. How to sell on instagram in 11 steps using instagram as a business platform is not as complicated as it sounds. But to succeed in this task and take advantage of all the features of the social network. It is important to pay attention to some details. To help you get the most out of instagram.

We’ve listed 11 steps for you to follow: post index menu index 1. Install the instagram app 2. Turn your personal account into a business profile 3. Use the bio to enhance the dissemination 4. Always think about your persona 5. Post relevant content 6. Identify the ideal frequency of posts 7. Try to engage more users on instagram 8. Discover the right product to sell on instagram 9. Use instagram shopping 10. Partner with influencers 11. Use instagram ads back to index 1. Install the instagram app the first step in learning how to sell on instagram is to create an account on the social network. If you already have a profile.

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Great. So. Let’s help you! Follow these steps to create your profile: 1. Download the instagram app. It is available for download for ios and android . 2. Register on the Hungary Phone Number network. Create an account with your email address or sign in with facebook. If you already have a page for your products on facebook. It is interesting to register with this account so that your social networks are connected. This also creates a unique visual identity for your brand. Which makes the user have a good experience and can identify you more easily. 3. Fill in your new profile. Make a short description. But manage to highlight the most important points of your brand. Take advantage of the bio – the area at the top. Next to the profile picture.

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Where you describe what your instagram is about – to leave the link to your website. This is the only place to put an external link url. Instagram sales bio example with external link. Bio example with external link to the store. 4. Put a picture on the profile. Choose an image that is easy to identify and that sums up what your brand is all about. Always keep in mind that this social network is visual. So. Invest your time when choosing your profile picture. As it will be the user’s first contact with your instagram. 5. Make your instagram public. By opting for a public profile. All users of this social network will have easy access to your account. Your brand will have visits from a variety of people.

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Even some you don’t know yet. .6 start posting. Your instagram profile is now ready to be used. Invest your time to take care of this new social network . 2. Turn your personal account into a business profile any business can get a business profile on instagram. This option is highly recommended to receive insights into the performance of your posts on this network. With a business account. You have access to more features like data analysis. Metrics. Boosting options. And adding links to stories. To activate your business profile. You must go to the profile settings in your instagram account and enable the option “switch to business profile”. Business profile on instagram – print indicating where to change to business profile on instagram to complete the transition.


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