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Posted: 2020-12-22 Stop trying to innovate with content

“Innovate! Disrupt! The future of your business depends on it!” To me, that ubiquitous advice has always seemed as doable as, “Jump that tall building in one bound!”

What a relief, then, to hear someone widely recognized

As one of the most important voices in Singapore Phone Number content strategy say, “Stop trying to innovate.” Kristina Halvorson included this message in her speech to Content Marketing World. Instead of aiming for innovation, here’s what Kristina advises marketers to do:

Improve what you are already doing with your content. Then upgrade it again. This is where your competitive advantage lies. This is where your success lies.
Listen. To improve. Repeat.

Now there’s something a deadly marketer can do.

How do you decide what improvements to make to the content? And how do you track your progress as you make one improvement after another? The rest of this article explores these two questions.

Look for ‘adjacent improvement opportunities’

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Kristina’s message is not new. Product designers and manufacturers have followed the principles of continuous improvement (commonly referred to as continual improvement) for decades. The idea is that innovation does not come from seeking breakthroughs, but from achieving one incremental change after another.
Expressing this idea memorably during a talk at the Delight Conference for User Experience Designers in 2014, Forrester Research Vice President James McQuivey said:

Don’t try to build the future. Build an adjacent possibility. Create what people need. Let the future find you.



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