Soda Music Beta – Product Reverse Engineering

The two products that were very popular some time ago were both produced by bytes. Namely “Knowing district” and “Soda music”. “Knowing district” is relatively more popular in the product circle. While the public is concerned about “Soda music” . After all. The users who listen to songs are the most. Let’s briefly disassemble the experience of the beta version of “soda music”. And follow the impact of this product on the music industry.

First of all. The music software market has already passed the stage of full-scale competition. Former music giants such as xiami and kugou have gradually retired or become outdated. Only qq music and netease cloud music occupy an absolute market share. But in the dynamic market the competition will never stop. As long as there is new room for growth. It will definitely be followed by latecomers. For example. Didi’s once stable country is accompanied by a red document. And most of the market is handed over to people.

 Why get involved in the music market

The same is true in the music industry. Although Oman Phone Number people generally use QQ Music or NetEase Cloud Music, there has always been a source problem that makes people feel asymmetrical, that is, the premise of users choosing to listen to music is to discover music, and users must know what they want to listen to. For songs, you will choose to go to the corresponding music platform to find songs. “Finding the songs you want to listen to” is the priority criterion for users to choose. As for “looking at the interesting and warm comments under the songs”, it is only after satisfying the basic needs of listening to songs. Expectation-type demand, which is why QQ Music, which holds a lot of copyrights, is still firmly in the first place.


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Oman Phone Number

Pursue new growth engines

I just said that the premise of “Finding a song” is “Knowing this song and wanting to listen to this song”. And this action is not done on qq music. This action is more generated on the short video platform. I don’t know how many people open the comment area under the drive of the powerful circular brainwashing bgm of the short video. Look for the bgm name given by enthusiastic netizens. Or open the original sound of the video in an attempt to check the source of the original sound. And the more direct point is to open the listening song recognition software. The short video platform does not know how many new songs and old song covers are supported. If you search for douyin on qq music. There will be a large number of douyin playlists. The comment area in each song is a gathering place for douyin netizens to check in. Everyone because the same video and the same stalk are gathered here. There is a wonderful emotional resonance.

You have also discovered that this link is actually quite long. Users are motivated to complete this series of actions by consensus. In fact. There is a huge improvement in efficiency. We use the most basic transaction model in economics. To explain:



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