Show Customers How Real the Shift to Voice Search is There Are Things They

Show customers how real the shift to voice search is. There are things they need to do to prepare, like understanding how interactions with their customers will change. Michelle: So that data could be used to drive adoption. For now, this looks more like strategic insight than immediately actionable information. Gary: The problem is that voice search has been around for a few years. Voice search is currently optimized for what we have, and people shouldn’t need to change anything on their sites. There may be new technologies in the future that will help users.

Michelle: I think it’s more complicated than that

There are things you can do with your content that will help it show up better in search, and brands can invest resources in structuring content that can handle conversations better. Ads on Google and user experience Michelle: As you (Google) push organic Macedonia Phone Number results below the threshold [to give more prominence to ads and carousels]… is that a good user experience? Gary: I click on a lot of search ads. (Note that clicks from.

Google that occur on our internal network do not

count as clicks for advertisers, so it costs you nothing.) I think the search ads are more relevant than the 10 blue links. On each search page, there are fairly aggressive bids for each position. Since bids are correlated to site relevance and quality, this tends to lead to relevant results. Barry: Sometimes ads are more relevant than organic results…? Gary: Mainly for international searches. Michelle: How is that determined? Gary: It’s done algorithmically. Michelle: How can you compare ads to organic ads if the two don’t

Macedonia Phone Number

work together? Gary: The concept of a tendering process and quality assessment is used by both parties. Separating the groups is more about keeping ads that speak to customers away from organic people, so they don’t try to influence them. Ad engineering people, they can talk about the organic side; It is not forbidden. Ranking factors and featured snippets Michelle: Does Google consider non-search related traffic in rankings? Gary: First of all, search traffic is not something we use in rankings. As for other types of traffic, Google might see it.


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