Visits Sessions

Google Analytics also provides information about sessions. One session is about 30 minutes long time span that the user spends on the website. A visitor can have multiple sessions. This includes, for example, visiting several pages, watching videos, reading articles. Even when another tab is used in the Internet browser, but the homepage remains open, the session continues. For this reason, Google measures the average number of sessions per user. In addition, information on the number of pages visited at one time is available.

The average time spent on the page will show how interested users are in consuming the content available on the website. The obtained data will allow you to understand whether any of the pages need improvements, such as added content.


In addition, Google Analytics provides information on bounce rate. It indicates moments when the visitor left the website without performing any action. If the Belarus Phone Number not engaging enough and more and more users leave the website quickly, the bounce rate will increase. 20-40% bounce is close to good.

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Google Analytics will also


Provide data on what percentage of users visit the website from a computer, and how many – from smartphones. As more and more users consume content on smartphones, responsive website design is of great importance. Also, Google Analytis will provide information about the operators used by users, such as Bite or Tele2, as well as the browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozzila Firefox.

The obtained data will help in analyzing user behavior , allowing to offer the best experience on the company’s website. Using Google Analytics, available sources from which users entered, as well as which pages were visited. In addition, it is indicated which pages are experiencing a drop in users. This will help you evaluate the need to post more interesting content, such as a video or image.


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