Long-term planning, depth or breadth of product positions?

Recently, because of thinking about changing jobs, I have been thinking deeply about my career choice.

8 years of product practitioners, experienced large and small factories, recently changed jobs, more anxious. I have asked many friends around me, and the advice of seniors is mixed, and many opinions are representative. Therefore, organize your own ideas and output the staged ideas as follows.

Conclusion first:

It is recommended to choose breadth,

Not separated hands, feet and feet, but a soul and a mind, and then extended limbs and people with the ability to move.

The point is to combine organically, and then New Zealand Mobile Number detours like this all make sense. To accumulate, to be higher.

The detailed thinking process is as follows:

Any job is part of business

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Therefore, the premise of thinking about career development is to discuss in the business context.

That is, if you want to earn more profit in a certain position, you should provide greater value of this position.

How to make the most of a job? I think it is: the most appropriate to do this role.

So how do you do a role? Think of it like how to make the leaves of a tree.


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