It’s Time to Overcome the Fear of Video Production

When I was a junior high school student, I went from an average-sized kid to a big kid,” explains Jeff. “I was pretty . Playing with computers and electronic devices was a way for me to fit myself and be creative. I started making interesting skits with my best friends. ESPN, Saturday Impersonating Robin Reach of Night Live and even the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. Our video became popular at school. They were when I was a kid because no one else was doing it. Video came to define me. ”

After graduating from college, Jeff became a full-time software developer, but in his spare time he recorded blogs and videos about technology even before “blogging” became a common term. Eventually, he built Geeks With Blogs, the largest tech blogging community of the time. (Robert Scoble was an early influencer on the blog.) “I wasn’t a marketer,” says Jeff. “I was the software developer who created this community, and I had to learn how to sell ads to keep it going.” Eventually Jeff moved on to marketing and eventually. We have set up a marketing-focused video blog called Enterprise Marketer.

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Jeff says marketers are afraid of two main aspects of video marketing. First, there is tremendous anxiety about standing in front of the camera. “The fear of being judged, even if they aren’t in front of the camera themselves, scares people from all video and audio media,” he explains.


The fear of being judged scares marketers away from video and audio media

Jeff shares his thoughts and tips on how to overcome that fear and learn to accept the video.

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Why overcoming fear is more important than ever
The way we consume content is increasingly shifting to video, motion graphics, and audio. Of course, people have been saying this for years, but advances in technologies such as virtual reality, speech recognition (hello Alexa), and artificial Canada Mobile Number intelligence allow us to interact with our screens in completely different ways. increase. Jeff also says marketers feel inadequate when it comes to converting raw video assets into final products. “I don’t think anyone is afraid of cameras, lenses, tripods, or technology on the recording side,” he says. “Their fear is the end of production of the process, the tools and expertise needed to create a complete project.”

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Content marketers need to look beyond blog posts, ebooks, and print magazines. They have to adapt to the way people like to consume content.

It also doesn’t mention live video or live streaming. Livestreaming has been added to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and this format is becoming more popular.

In short, brands that haven’t adopted video in-house and haven’t developed their expertise are lagging behind.

Brands that don’t use #video in-house are lagging behind, says @JJulian. Click to tweet
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About the virtue of starting small
First, consider the smallest audience that a short video can affect. We are talking about the “most baby” of the baby step. For example, create a walkthrough video of an internal tool for your team. The range of the first video is so narrow that it is less likely to be rejected or judged. Make sure it’s valuable to your audience and you can try out new tools and techniques for video production. This is the equivalent of writing a paragraph and writing a 10-page essay to get used to the process.

Another idea: Take a customer case study. All you need is one camera setup and an external microphone. Raise the camera to the left and right and ask the customer to talk about themselves. (Almost everyone can talk about themselves and the projects they are in.) Cut out clips, add motion graphics (there are lots of online tutorials), and show them to your sales reps. Ask them if it is the one they can use. If the answer is yes, then there is another medium to jump to.

You may need an expert, but it’s not the way you might think.

It’s hard to be in front of and behind the camera at once (read: impossible). Depending on the quality and scope of your video project, someone may need to help you. The person, whether an expert or an assistant, should be to properly capture video and audio. (More complex video projects m


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