How to Speed ​​Up WordPress to the Max

More than 35.2% of the web pages that exist today on the internet have wordpress installed and. Within them. 62% of the websites with a cms installed do so with wordpress. This is no doubt amazing. But it also means that there are thousands of different themes. Plugins. And technologies that have to co-exist in one place.

For the everyday wordpress user. This can quickly Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers turn into a nightmare when their site starts producing bottlenecks and they don’t know why or even where to start troubleshooting.


Hire a quality wordpress hosting

in the godaddy blog we already talked about what characteristics a good wordpress hosting provider should have to be a candidate for you to try their services. Aspects such as available disk space. The reliability of their systems. How many backup copies they offer or a good 24/7 technical support team are key to tipping the balance in favor of one provider or another.

Czech Republic Cell Phone Numbers

As you know. There are different web hosting options available on the market. From shared hosting to dedicated servers. Through virtual private servers or vps. Scaled from lower to higher price and. Therefore. From lower to higher performance.

A separate issue is the specialized wordpress products that have been on the market for a few years now. Which are offered for this cms. Paying special attention to them. Since staff from each company are made available to customers to attend to their requests and keep the servers up to date with new updates and ensuring that vulnerabilities do not arise.

Are you ready?

Whatever the product you choose. You should check that the provider offers php 7 or higher versions on their servers (the most recent is 7.4). Since you will have more loading speed and the security of your website will not be compromised; and that they apply the http/2 protocol. Designed to use ssl favoring the loading of web pages.

In this article we will review the ten most important tricks to speed up wordpress to the maximum and make our websites load as soon as possible.


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