How does culture affect international marketing? Understand its importance with unquestionable examples

The fundamental role of culture in international marketing and experience with different brands has been well proven over the years. Valentina Girardo 2/19/20 | 15 min read What is the Importance of Culture in International Marketing Precisely, in this article we would like to share How Culture Influences some very good examples of organizations that are effective This aspect is considered carefully in order to succeed in a new field and to consolidate oneself. In addition, we will mention cases where companies, including large corporations, have put culture aside or studied it in the wrong way.which logically leads to negative consequences.

Of Course, Before Talking About These Cases and How Culture Influences

Examples, we explain in detail why culture matters in international marketing, what its key factors are, and how this aspect should be assessed Iceland Phone Number when it comes to the Internet and social networks. Are you ready for this learning journey? So follow us! Why is culture so important in international marketing? David Viscott once said, “The world is a puzzle, and each of us fits together in a different way.” This quote comes from a well-known American psychiatrist and makes us reflect on the different perspectives of everyone in their environment.

With That in Mind Imagine How Different People

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Who live in different countries, apart from having their own reasoning and evaluation. Are dissimilar in tradition, language, and other cultural elements. For this reason, a company eager to internationalize cannot assume that. Users from other countries have the same consumption patterns, preferences. And values as people from the countries it already operates in. Instead, it must accept the challenge of understanding the cultural elements. Of the target market, to overcome linguistic, semantic, ideological and other barriers.


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