Great realization! Only by being lazy can you pay for knowledge?

According to the 2021 annual study of social networks by iab spain . 85% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 65. That is. More than 27 million people in spain. Use social networks . Whatsapp is par excellence the social network preferred by spaniards. Used by 83% of internet users. Followed by facebook. Youtube and instagram.

Although. According to this study. The main use of social networks is purely for leisure (watching videos or listening to music. Sending messages or commenting on current affairs). 52% state that they follow brands on their social network profiles and. For 29 % of those surveyed. The fact that a brand has a presence in rrss. Increases their trust in it. Likewise. 44% declare that they make purchases of services or products from a company through social media. Do not you think more than enough data to consider a profile on a social network?

Brands with a social media profile inspire more trust.

What do these data suggest to you? Do you still think that your business does not need to have a profile on social networks? If you are still not convinced. I invite you to continue reading. Next. I will give you 6 advantages of social networks and why your company needs to have a profile on them .

6 advantages of social networks for smes

with all this information at your fingertips. You Turkey Mobile Number may  be thinking of making the leap to these social media platforms. To help you solve all your doubts. We are going to see the 6 main advantages of networks for your business:

they allow you to create brand image
they are a perfect channel for customer service
you can use them as a sales channel
it is a good channel for disseminating content and for interacting with your followers
a good platform to advertise
they help you improve your seo positioning
they allow you to create brand image
before making any purchase decision. Many users decide to search for information on the internet about the product or brand. Its characteristics or opinions. And. In this context. Social networks play a key role.

To create a brand image

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It is not enough just to create a profile on a social channel. It is necessary to have a web page so that your customers find everything they are looking for on it. If you don’t have technical knowledge or just don’t know where to start. With our website builder you can build your own website in less than an hour. Easier impossible! They are a perfect channel for customer service advantages of social networks customer service


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