Get to know the most popular channels

Get to know the most popular channels

Google Analytics will also indicate the most popular channels from which the company’s website is visited. Among them, such channels as:

  • Direct flow or direct flow, when visitors arrive at the home page by entering its address.
  • Organic search or organic search, when the user came to the website from a search program.
  • Pay search or paid Google Ads campaigns.
  • External pages or referrals, when the user has arrived at the homepage from, for example, a blog that has a link to your company.

Along with that, social media presence is important. Google Analytics will provide information from which social media sites the website is visited, such as Facebook or Instagram. It is also important to pay attention to keywrds, because the tool will show what keywords users used to get to the website.

4. Track behavior in Google Analytics

In order to find out which pages to opimize or make other improvements, it is important to follow the behavior of website users. Google Analytics will provide information about the most popular and least visitors to the page, the time spent on them.

It is important to think about page loading speed. A fast page load speed will help ensure reliability and save time for users. Google Analytics will provide information about the time spent on the page, as well as how fast it loaded. Page Speed, which will allow you to determine the speed of the page and provide recommendations for improvements.

It is also possible to create various events, such as Belarus Phone Number a call to action button, signing up for news or segmenting by press releases. This function will collect the frequency of actions performed. It will be possible to save the data for later analysis.

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 5. Collects e-commerce results

Finally, Google Analytics will be helpful in e-commerce data mining. With the help of the tool, it is possible to see the amount of transactions, what goods have been purchased and how much was paid for them. So, for example, it is possible to obtain data on one or two months’ income.

Start using Google Aalytics for your business today! The data collected by the tool will allow you to regularly obtain information about current campaigns, as well as to look back at the results of already conducted marketing activities.

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