Dr Trano 17 years later Where are the actors of the series

Dr. House” is not a Prime stream series, which made many famous actors and actresses to the world. The project was published from 2004 to 2012, but the love of fans is not registered today.

We advise you to remember the main participants Dry Tran 17 years later Where are of the series “Dr. House” and know what they look like and what the artists do. The executor of the role was able to completely change his life with good dignity from “Dr. House.” The project helped Lori become one of the highest paid actresses on American TV.

During the filming Dry Tran 17 years later Where are


He wrote the music video of his idea, and created Italy Phone Number another one. He continues to work on television, but he prefers to refuse from long projects.

Lorri has orders from the British Empire, because he himself is British.

Jennifer Morrison
The diligent actor was able to combine work in the series “Dr. House” with many other popular projects. There is the TV series “How I Met Your Mother” and the movie “Mr. and Mr. Smith.”


In addition to regular actors


 Italy Phone Number


Father, brother and two sisters work hard. Therefore, the role of the doctor in the series about the hospital is clear for Spencer.

In this project came after that “successful girl” and only increased its popularity.

After the completion of the TV series “Dr. House” he joined another project playing “Chicago on fire”, which has been on the screen for 9 years.

Bald pen.
The actor was famous for “King’s party” and “Harold and Kumar went to the cliff.” In the series “Dr. House” Cal stayed for a long time, because I decided to work in the administration of the American president Barack Obama.




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