Don’t Forget to Use External Content

While mid-funnel marketing is all about using original content created by you or your team members, external content also works well during this stage of the sales cycle. Don’t forget to link out to third-party blog posts, for example. It helps readers get more information from other trusted sources that support your ideas.

3. Don’t Misjudge the Time Required to Create MOFU Content

You may think mid funnel content is easier and takes less time to create than top or bottom of the funnel content. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get lax simply because you’ve hooked new prospects into your world.

You need to create a superior middle India Phone Number of the funnel content that starts separating you from competitors. Take the required time to flesh out your ideas and provide case studies, blog posts, white papers, and webinars that engage prospects until they enter the bottom of the funnel.

4. Don’t Forget to Keep MOFU Content Solution Oriented

We touched on this above when discussing going beyond simple pain points. It warrants a second look because of its importance. Your middle of the funnel prospects come to you with a problem-aware mindset. They know they need a solution and they’re actively looking for one.

Make sure all of your mid funnel content remains solution-oriented. Focus on giving prospects the information they need to make an informed decision about working with you.

Offer comparisons between your services and those of your competitors, showcase customer testimonials that highlight how you solved a problem, and provide case studies. Most importantly, make it clear when expressing the results of using your solutions.

5. Don’t Use Ambiguous Information

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Ambiguous information is one of your biggest enemies at the mid-funnel marketing stage. You want to remain clear and concise so prospects can understand without guessing or asking for clarification.

Be specific when talking about your products and services, use real-world examples whenever possible, and use easy-to-understand language.


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