Classic BL comic First Love in the World BMus my crazy high school rotten girl life

A while ago, “The World’s First Love” (hereinafter referred to as Shichu) was shown in Taiwan theatrical version, which reminded me of the time when I was reading Shichu, and then I re-read my first BL into the pit. . Although I didn’t get a ticket in the end, I couldn’t relive this classic in the theater, but since I’ve watched it again, I still want to record it.

By the way, I reminisce about my absurd high school life and tell the story of my becoming a rotten girl. img Image source: “The World’s First Love” Introduction In high school, Ritsu Onodera liked his senior, Masamune Takano, so much that he would borrow every book he read in the library and read it again.

But when they finally got together they hurt Onodera because

Of some misunderstandings, causing Kuwait Phone Number Onodera to flee to study abroad in despair. So that Masamune Takano could never find him again. Soon, ten years later, Onodera would be said to be relying on his father because he worked in his own publishing house. In order to prove his strength, he went to another company. But unexpectedly discovered that his boss was the one he liked in high school. Masamune Takano. Koya finally found Onodera, and of course he would not let him go easily. So a story of domineering pursuit of Tsundere began. after reading First of all.

I want to complain why it has been so long and the The first time

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Beginning of the world is not over yet. The first time I watched Shichu was when I was a freshman in high school. Although I forgot when I stopped chasing it. I was sure that I should have stopped watching it after I went to college. Then the last memory of the beginning of the world is the place where Onodera realized that he still likes Takano.

As a result, now that I have graduated from university and entered a research institute. They are still not together! Now I re-watched it again. And found that my two favorite pairs of CPs have not changed, the same is “Takaya x Onodera” and “Xue Minghuang x Musa Shota”. Of course. It is also possible that they are the two couples that the author spends the most time introducing——after re-reading it. I found out how many stories the other two couples have… It seems that their stories are mainly seen in novels.


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