Before starting it is necessary to carry out an extensive market

Account the resources, the scope, the agents involved, the duration and the schedule of the project. 3. Focusing on an idea without analyzing the environment it may seem to you that your idea is innovative, disruptive and that you have no doubts about its success, but all of the above is not enough for the success of the project. We can have a project that a priori is perfect for us, but is there something similar on the market? What is the added value of our product/service? How is it different from the rest? Who is our target audience? Do our consumers really need our product or service?

Being afraid of being wrong we

Before starting, it is necessary to carry out an extensive market study to study all the variables that can affect the progress of the business. 4. Being afraid of being wrong we must bear in mind that, on many occasions, trial and error is the best way that many Latvia Phone Number companies have to consolidate and be profitable. Have you heard of the lean methodology? It is possible that the vision we had of the product does not have to be the one demanded by the market.

Not having an economic

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The leanstartup method uses the idea of ​​a “minimum viable product”, a version of the product that allows us to get the most information from the users with the minimum available resources and as fast as possible. Even two similar products can be launched to see which one best suits the demand. 5. Not having an economic-financial plan although we are at the beginning of the project and we have not even made the first sale, this will not be an obstacle to working with an economic-financial plan.

It is clear that, at the beginning, we will only have forecasts and estimates, but that will not be a problem. We will change them and adapt them to real figures as they are produced. The important thing is to have a clear goal and work with a guide. That shows us if expectations are being met and how far we are from achieving profit. Working from the beginning of the project with an economic document. Will help us to know its evolution and to be able to make business decisions. Inesem business school course on strategies in disruptive innovation and new


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