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During a period of rising energy costs, this Belarus Phone Number device should be used with great care. Especially on these days when the heat is at its peak, making the right moves will both extend the life of your food and save energy. Here are some fridge rules to help you.  It is almost the center of Belarus Phone Number our daily life for our needs. using the refrigerator This is important. It is necessary to use this device within the framework of certain rules. Both for energy saving and preservation of food products according to the Belarus Phone Number conditions, and for long-term refrigeration. The rules that we will apply especially on these hot days will save your pockets. Here are 30 pocket-friendly rules for using the refrigerator… LESDUSCESA TERMS OF Belarus Phone Number USE 1- If the refrigerator is exposed to the sun, take precautions.

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A refrigerator placed against a sunlit window or against a wall Belarus Phone Number that is heated by the sun from outside not only works more intensively and consumes energy, but the internal temperature of the cabinet does not drop. stay at the desired level for a long time. 2- When deciding on the location of the refrigerator, make sure that it is not too close to the wall behind or on the side. In this way, heat from the engine and Belarus Phone Number electrical components does not accumulate in the back. The fridge doesn’t have to run longer either. 3- It should be at least 30-40 cm away from heat emitting household goods such as refrigerators, ovens and dishwashers. 4- Food Belarus Phone Number cooked especially in summer is put in the fridge before it gets cold, for fear of spoiling. But putting hot food in the fridge increases the temperature and spoils other foods.

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Not to mention the energy loss… Frequently open Belarus Phone Number doors often open doors; 5- The biggest energy consumption in. The refrigerator is related to the constant Belarus Phone Number opening and closing of the cabinet doors. Currently, the air temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. When you open the cabinet door, the cold air is replaced by warm air and the temperature inside rises. Therefore, the cabinet Belarus Phone Number lasts longer and increases energy consumption. In addition, these changes in temperature also affect food products that must remain cold at all times. For this reason, cabinet doors should be opened at shorter intervals, and if Belarus Phone Number they must be opened, they should be opened quickly.


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