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Higher yields and quality always come from a Belarus Phone Number field where nutrition and care are good. We doctors advise people to pay attention to treatment and protection after hair transplant. 4- Avoid alcohol; Before and after the operation. It Belarus Phone Number is necessary to take a break from alcohol and cigarettes for a while. Alcohol mixes with the blood and damages the hair follicles planted through the circulatory system. It usually Belarus Phone Number reduces immunity. This weakens the newly planted hair follicles, as well as the entire metabolism. Also, since you will be taking antibiotics after your hair transplant, you should not drink alcohol.

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Smoking interferes with the flow and efficiency of oxygen, which is critical to the healing process. Insufficient oxygen delivered to the Belarus Phone Number cells adversely affects the scalp and newly planted roots. In short, if you want the hair transplant results to be successful. You must abstain from alcohol and cigarettes for at Belarus Phone Number least 15 days. 5- Pay attention to the lying position; Since both the donor site where the roots are taken and the newly planted roots are very sensitive, it is very important to protect the head area from impact and hard contact. After a hair transplant, you should not sleep on the transplanted area for about two weeks. This is of great importance in order not to interfere with the exit angle of the roots Belarus Phone Number and to hold them firmly to the scalp. wearing. If the site is not transplanted, sleeping on the donor, that is, the occipital area, does not harm.

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Belarus Phone Number

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In addition, shirts, jackets, sweaters with a zipper instead of clothes that can damage the planting area while removing them for 15 days, such as tight sweaters and tight t-shirts. It is very important that you wear clothes that can be easily put on and taken Belarus Phone Number off, for example, during a hair transplant to prevent the roots from falling out. Belarus Phone Number and for the results of the hair transplant to be as intended. important. 6- Avoid stress; Research shows that stress is one of the main causes of hair loss and graying. Stress not only causes hair loss, but also weakens the health of newly planted hair follicles and their staying power in Belarus Phone Number the scalp. For this reason, you should avoid stressful environments related to the health of your body as well as your transplanted hair. which is the most used appliance in the kitchen and Belarus Phone Number consumes the most energy due to its continuous operation, is indispensable for the safe consumption of food.


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